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With public safety benefit first in mind, we create products for owners and administration of Safe websites to install very easily, in less than 15 minutes or forward the download to your webmasters and or developers to easily insert our  products into your website, in less than 5 minutes, for you.

Special skills are typically not needed to install Internet Safe official certified, clickable Certificate products, for Safe Verified, Safe websites.

    Our live click link products are designed to open in your choice of a new window, or a pop up window of your liking, containing important safety, and other general info about your company and website page, where your customers read your website stats, IP address, website speed reports, safety ratings, and or any other Safe Trusted level or reputation factors available, we successfully and accurately find, here at Internet Safe, Safe verify department. read why and Shop our Products page.

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Special skills are typically not needed to install Internet Safe, Official Certified, clickable Certificate, hyperlink apps, digital products, for Safe Verified, Safe websites.


      These little logos instill confidence in visitors, forms of social proof. Very powerful ways to leverage the “Halo Effect.” If you’ve ever won an award, adding the logo for that award to your website footer, is a quick way to add credibility to every page of your site.  Pro tip: Combine all of your awards, certifications and membership logos into a “trust box.”

Gathering up these type of logos and putting them together in your website footer, helps build trust in a very competitive industry.  Do not just take our word for it ! See 27 Things That Can Go In Footers # 20. Awards and Certifications. Learn more at:

Licensed Footer Apps for Safe Verified, Safe Websites,

creating personalized Hyperlink Apps, and help making the best Footer Designs.