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1. Buy: to give visitors to your website hyperlink apps to click on, opening a new window with information for offering assurance from an independent company that hopefully has found no current signs, of malicious activity on your website, or history, and any other risk level, information we can find from other independent researchers about your website. 

2. Buy now: to be a grandfathered in client, beyond just a VIP status, for being a first year client, that will enjoy future pricing new products free or very discounted prices, for many years to come, because you gave us a start up, jump start, into business, for Safe Verify, Legal App, Internet Safe, products,  that we will never forget. 

3.Choose us because:

If you will take a look at our products page, you'll see,  just a small portion of our new and coming soon products.

Imagine with us, a day when Internet scams, will be nearly non existent, a day when automated, robo calling terrorizing scammers , preying on our general population, and business communications, will end.

Join in the thinking with us, of a day when a person in need of a specific practiced attorney, and the attorney, easily found ways online with Legal App, to connect with Gods speed, safe.

You, Your business, and our futures, working together, the old fashion American way, with honor, hard work, and trust, to uplift our businesses, to the highest levels, with the betterment of all of man and woman kind, with providing online answers, to improving the public's, safe online experiences, including connections and access, to the law, officers of the court system, namely lawyers and attorneys.

Building our businesses together with you, your support and patronage, makes both our futures look so bright we both need to wear sun glasses.

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Be a (GRANDFATHER) ed in client, First year clients will enjoy free or very discounted prices, on other Internet Safe products, under construction,

now and coming soon.

See: our first prototype

Products page.

Why are we using free google Gmail ? *Answer FYI: SSL certificated secure encryption with Gmail accounts, great for start ups !

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Gathering up these type of logos and putting them together in your website footer, helps build trust in a very competitive industry.  Do not just take our word for it ! See 27 Things That Can Go In Footers # 20. Awards and Certifications. Learn more at:

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