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   How our licensed, live click, certificate app links are designed to act

Designed to open our pages about you, in new widows, or popups directing your website visitors, to your client info pages, about you, your website and company, not only to low risk levels, but other important information, about you, your website, and your company.

These pages contain important safety, and other general, and not so general, info about you, your company, website and its pages. Its where your customers read and learn many things, about you,your company and website, we have learned, by research or submitted by you. Information found like your website stats, that may include, but are not limited to, website speed, domain age, and history, IP sever addresses, SSL certificate info, other  information, and safety factors available.

Some info may be linked to other websites for information or reports, like the State Bar, State Medical board, scam advisories, better business bureau (BBB), and or any other Safe Trusted risk level, or reputation, reporting or factors available, that we successfully find on, or off line, in our Safe verify department, of Internet Safe ⓒ.


Read our: Objective Goals, learn Licensing, then Products Agree To Terms, and Pricing, for pre checkout. 

Northern Nevada region of the U.S.A.

grass roots start up call center

We appreciate your local, legal business, patronage and support.

We are calling attorneys and lawyers nation wide.

We begin with the great state of Nevada.

Did we call you with invitation ?

If not Please call us for a step by step walk through our websites.

Please start the creation of your Safe Verify account, with a research request, after learning more about licensing, then agree to terms then by paying safe, to be researched. If approved you will be Safe Verified, for all footer apps, and licenses, you can be qualified to receive, that Safe Verify you, your company and your website.

A portion of the funds your V.I.P. "grandfathered" account creation generated, will help fund our up and coming famous Trade Mark:

LegalTivity ™ of LegalApp.com AttorneyDatabase website recreations,

currently scheduled for 2021 grand opening.

The qualified will be added to the Safe Verified, attorney database, law firm list, law firm app,  2020, (FREE), with 2021 research purchase, vertical back link connected, to  hundreds of

our: Best Legal Domains, collection for building, Best Legal Sites,

planned for all, Areas Of Law, back link, verticals.

Become one of the first 1000 GrandFathered  7777 clients,

Account numbers begin at 7777000 these account numbers



Pro tip

Combine all of your awards, certifications and membership logos into a "trust box" similar, but smaller, than as seen in our footer, bottom of this page below.

Do not just take our word for it,

see: The industry leader Orbit Media 27 Things That Can Go In Footers, # 20. Awards and Certifications:


Website owners and can quickly and easily install, our products into their website footers,

or forward to their website Tech - webmaster to install.

Special skills are typically not needed, to install Internet Safe LLC, Certificates, and hyperlinks, similar to digital product apps, seen bottom of this page in our footer.

With our licensed products

By confirming, with a click, on our hyperlink embedded, logo certificate, footer apps, that open small popup pages, lists and directories, of InternetSafeⓒ, some containing low risk, information about you, your website, your company, specialized area's, some if ably equipped, readiness, willingness to take on new clients, and more, all to be learned instantly. 

Affirming with InternetSafeⓒ, logo certificates, you, your business, your company, and your website, as a registered InternetSafeSiteⓒ, with a reputation linked as SafeTrustedⓒ, listed and linked, on SafeWebsitesⓒ with a click. A created comfortable atmosphere for your visitors, to feel safe, continuing business engagement, with you, your website and company, as your new clients and customers,

growing your company bottom line.

Our little "footer app logos", deigned to instill confidence in your website visitors, with a comfortable atmosphere created not only by using, our licensed, certificate hyperlink embedded, Footer Design, logo apps, but just by seeing them visible, on every page, of your website, in your footer, as third party declarations, of trustworthiness, adding high credibility, to "every page of your website," as great forms of verified, verifiable social proof. Just as If you’ve ever won an award, adding the logo for that award to your website footer, is a quick way to add credibly to

every page, of your website.
InternetSafeⓒ, certificates are very powerful ways to leverage the “Halo Effect" on every page, of your website"

If after you, your company, and your website, have been Safe Verified, at ant time later, you are able to provide your account manager, proof and or evidence, that you had, or now have, secured sufficient proper amount of company, business, online, with 

Cyber Policy, insurance coverage, and or are bonded, to suffice. 

Then your website will be (Safe Certified), with certificates, licenses, related logo apps including of (Official Certified), for (Safe Purchasing), (Paying Safe), (Certified Site), (SSL Secured), will be delivered.

Your customers after installation can see you are (Safe Certified), then feel comfortably assured, they are (Paying Safe).

Make no mistake, as the worlds greed and dishonesty grows, with new scams, mostly against Americans, at some point a day soon,

almost no one, will do any business, with any website, unless it's

Safe Verified by InternetSafeⓒ.

So be sure to buy today, because, in the future, as we grow, over the coming years InternetSafe ⓒ is targeting to become a household name, so everyone will Safe Verify, all websites. 

InternetSafeⓒ products will be a top television, radio, and social Media future industry leading advertiser of the decade.

So get Grandfathered in now, because pricing may change soon, as we will go viral so our costs and our Pricing may go up !

What we do for you first:

Your personalized logo apps, will be created, and delivered  by your V.I.P. account manager assigned. Account Licenses, personalized dated and numbered, Hyperlink, Footer Apps, linked to our pages, that if you qualify to receive, as Safe Verified, will be

created at our home office, in northern

Nevada United States, by hand, and delivered with pride.

Created to enable the public, adults as well as children, the benefit of our great new ways, to find your website safe verified, by InternetSafe LLC ⓒ.

Created to serve, professionals with the highest integrity level

like your self.

First we serve "in areas of the legal industry, and medical industry," attorneys, lawyers, law firms, doctors. (Small) - Medium) eCommerce businesses, of integrity, then (large) eCommerce businesses, of integrity, in highly competitive, industries.

See: Footer Designs, on the menu later.

Our licensed logo certificate apps, are the strong foundation, of footer designs, corner keystones, of any worthy, company website, a growing necessity to have, in your corner of the web, to build your business upon, in your competitive industry.

After about Please see: Products, read licensing, agree to terms. then Pricing.

The future is here the time is now, most website visitors demand websites to be Internet Safe 

The general public, is now finding our InternetSafe.comⓒ products as options, to Safe Verify, any and all websites before converting from a suspicious, Leery, and weary of scam websites, cautious timid visitor, to an informed,

confidant, comfortable and trusting customer.

InternetSafeⓒ presents, our new third party independent research personalized, clickable, logo hyperlinked certificates.

With our logo hyperlinked certificates, seen in your website footer, visitors to your website can be converted over to a solid paying customer, who has just seen multiple powerful, third party SafeVerifiedⓒ declarations. The same visitors are now are able to easily, with a click, on any one of our certificate logo apps, found in your website footer design, self safe verify, your website them selves, as Safe Verified.

As time moves forward in the 2020's InternetSafeⓒ hyperlink, logo app, certificates are the new wave of the future you need to catch early. The new procedure 2020, before even beginning online interactive engagement, way before thinking about conducting business with anyone, any business, any company,  especially before checkout, on any website, it must always be SafeVerifiedⓒ first, then should be made confidant they are PayingSafeⓒ, at a SafePurchasingⓒ, SafeCertifiedⓒ, eCommerce website!

Website visitors are getting more sophisticated every day, strolling down to website footers checking website

footer designs more closely, for more information about the Company they visit, and the website, including contact, affiliations, associations, types of payments accepted, privacy policy, other pages not found in the menu, awards and

third party confirmation certificate declarations.

SSL certificates, are a good thing

You do need a SSL certificate, after you are Safe Verified, we will issue you our (SSL Secured) certificate free, if you do not already have one. However SSL's are getting closer every day, to a dime a dozen, and are not even close to good enough, now or in the future ! 

Any one can now, get a SSL certificate, fast, easy and cheap, SSL's once reserved for banks, are handed out like cheap candy now days !

Not just any one can get InternetSafeⓒ certificates, they are not for sale, not obtained so fast, not obtained so easy, or cheap.

If you are Safe Verified approved, for our Certificates and do not already have a SSL certificate, on your website, you will need to have a (SSL secured) input/output website, in today's online world. So we also will issue and submit to your website URL,our (SSL Secured io) certificate included FREE at N/C.

InternetSafeⓒ certificates, cannot be bought, they are awarded FREE, only after paid annual research, extensive personal, business, company, and website, Safe Verify research is completed, then "(IF)" approved, a Safe Verified, order for account creation, with certificates you qualified to receive, will be sent for delivery !