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Welcome to Safe Verify

Cancellation policy

The Cancellation policy of Internet Safe LLC ⓒ subscriptions, purchases, or payments of any kind to any of the  hundreds of Websites domains we control is the following: 

1. Internet Safe LLC ⓒ considers you and your company our most valuable and most highly valued asset.

2. The minute your reoccurring purchase reaches its 11th month you would need to contact us before the 12th month ends, to cancel the next 12 months new research start, that is set to reoccur in our system before we get back to work on your website re SafeVerify, account re-verification and re-certification that costs valuable United States trusted expensive personnel time.

3. Therefore we offer Cancellation is only available after 11th month has started, before the end 12th month of your original research request subscription purchase anniversary!

See: Refund Policy.

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