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After about Please see: Products, read licensing, agree to terms. then Pricing.

All food companies of any and all kinds must be

Safe Verified and Safe Certified as well.

Although InternetSafe LLC does Safe Verify most websites.

InternetSafe LLC has (NOT) license as safe Certified, online food websites, or grocery stores that sell

non organic or non all natural (foods) in the past,

this may change soon.

All our requirements prior 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic 

were strict we are even stricter now !

See: Restaurants

New May 14 2020 following exclusions now apply !

A. Restaurants who practice and enforce extreme hygiene protocols, have "mandatory enforced" for all employees at all stations to wear face masks or coverings and gloves, who provide hand sanitizer in all entry's and exits and kitchens.

      Take notice any and all online businesses, companies, and or websites seeking Safe Certified status though

InternetSafe LLC research, that sell

grocery foods or food products in store or online:

Must be organic, or 100% natural.

Any and all such food product ingredients on your website must be sourced:

1. From an approved or eligible FDA, or USDA, American grown, and processed, product source of the U.S.A.

2. NO (MSG), without Monosodium glutamate, derived or sourced, amino acids, such as glutamic acid (glutamate) or aspartic acid (aspartame or “nutra sweet”),

3. No High fructose corn syrup, only products without any High fructose corn syrup !

4. Other factors to be determined at a later date