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Safe Verified Research, Awarding

Safe Websites with Safe Certificates

issued by InternetSafe LLC

Independent Third Party Researcher


Welcome to Safe Verify

Footer Designs, are the most important,

most forgotten, part of most website designs

Studies have shown some brands have observed increases of 50% to 90% conversion rate increase, when optimizing their website footer design, with InternetSafe ⓒ, hyperlink, certificate logo apps, showcased nicely, with awards, in a well done shadow box.

So you ask what is the best footer design plan ?

Well first create it, to help visitors with information and navigation options, that help visitors, exploring your website further, without forcing them to scroll back up to the main menu. links to more information, like careers, meeting business goals, "call to action" buy now, or shop here, disclaimers, agree to terms, privacy policy, social media links, all the types of payment accepted if you accept all, then include them, visa, mater card, American Express, dinners, Pay Pal, or your very own Safe Purchasing - PayingSafeⓒ, and your personal copyright info. "Personally as administrator of InternetSafe ⓒ, I'll tell you its, the first thing look for, if this information is not disclosed before shopping, I rarely continue, consider the website unsafe, and close the browser.

Then last but not least, the most forgotten, uncommon, yet most powerful influence of all, confirming you have a great reputation, creating confidence it safe, to continue interaction with your website, and follow your "call to action" what ever it may be. 

As most of us have learned, sometimes less is more.

In the case of footer designs, certificates, and awards, less can be more. Although personal preference, separates us from the rest. Remember as owner and or administrator, you must also be the blue printing artist, so make your design idea stand out from the others.

For instance, in the 4 categories of certificates and awards we offer to Safe Verified clients, you may qualify for all the certificates and licenses, but to use them all, in your footer design, would typically not make a great footer design, but use as many qualified, as you like.

Select 1 - 2 or even 3 certificate logos, at most, from each of our categories, for the best results.

So you ask what is the best footer design plan ?

However you choose be sure to include

Powerhouse, third party, researchers who conclude, and proclaim you are,"Internet Safe" with clickable, Safe Verify,

Safe Verified certificates,

and awards,

in a shadow box, show case !

(Medium) and (Large) eCommerce businesses

are learning, even though the cost for them is hundreds or many thousands times more costly, than it is for you, 

"Internet Safe" products research costs, must be budgeted in,

their up coming years budgets, for growth plans success.

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