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Solo or Single Partner Attorneys. lawyers, Doctors &

(Small) eCommerce business 

1 year Regular "Pricing": $289.95

Promotional "Pricing"2 year Special: (1st yr 2020 free) + 2nd yr 2021 only $289.95

3 year Special: (1st yr 2020 free) + 2 yrs 2021, 2022 Package only $389.95

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NEVADA V.I.P. Startup Pricing

Multiple Lawyers, Attorneys, Partnership Law firms,

legal groups, or medical groups, of more than 2 professionals:

Additional verification, research, and posting fees of $50 for 3rd,

and each other additional professional,partner, and or associate Attorneys. lawyers, or Doctors, per year.

Each added professional can request additional listing, with individual professional

info under your Law firm, legal group and or medical group, office or offices listings.

Special Start up discount

Qualify for up to

16 personalized website Hyperlink,

footer Apps, for the price of 1

Products: licensing accounts are manually approved, then manually created.

Please allow 72 hours, or more, for qualified U.S. Labor intensive,
research to continue, and as much as days or weeks, to be approved, with licenses, logo apps, and embed links, email shipped, for email delivery.

Tentative "Pricing" Scheduled for:

(Small) eCommerce business 

[$0-999k] annual gross sales, at "Pricing" X (1)

Regular research "Pricing" as seen above.

Tentative "Pricing" Scheduled for:

(Medium) eCommerce Corporate business

Your "(website)" annual (NET) sales X "Pricing"

[ $1M - 1.5M] annual (NET) sales, at "Pricing" X (2)

[$1.5M - 2M] annual (NET) sales, at "Pricing" X (3)

[$2M - $4M] annual (NET) sales, at "Pricing" X (5)


Tentative "Pricing" Scheduled for:

(Large) eCommerce Corporate business "(Request invoice)"

Your "(website)" annual (NET) sales X "Pricing"

[$4M - $10M] annual (NET) sales, at "Pricing" X (10)

[$10M - $20M] annual (NET) sales, at "Pricing" X (20)

[$20M - $40M] annual (NET) sales, at "Pricing" X (40)

[$40M - $80M] annual (NET) sales, at "Pricing" X (80)

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