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After your account has been Safe Verified and approved, you will receive an email with

the logo certificates and links that you qualify attached.

As for any SSL Certificate. the "SSL" Stands for "Secure Sockets Layer." SSL Secured input/output, hence

therefore we offer our InternetSafe LLC ⓒ brand SSL Secured certificate, " io"  stands for "input / output"

to learn more read all of this page. You can also learn more later after checkout by visiting: ( certificate.

SSL was developed for sending information securely over the Internet, reserved technology for mostly banks until just the last few years.

Now an  essential part of every website, in 2020 and moving forward, not only for secure areas of your website, such as user account, membership, and online checkout, but for all pages.

After you are Safe Verified

If you do not have A SSL certificate one will be installed to your domain, by InternetSafe LLC ⓒ if your website host is updated to accept SSL certificates. Your website domain will show a pad lock in the far left part of your Internet browser, with s for secure added to your (http), before what was your "Not Secure"  regular old http://www. URL website address.

After SSL Certificate is installed, within hours the browser will then show https://www. (s) for "Secure", with red line removed from the padlock, and or "Not Secure" warning removed, before your URL website address.

When the new SSL Certificate padlock is clicked, a popup box opens, with SSL security information about your website, that most visitors never click. 

If you already have SSL, then we can skip that step.

Once and if you become, or have been (Safe Certified) insured, you will be licensed and receive our hyperlinked app logo shown above. Only (Safe Verified) accounts, who are also (Safe Certified) by meeting business - cyber policy, insurance requirements, receive our SSL Secured io hyperlinked logo app, from InternetSafeⓒ, Safe Verify dept.

Note: Cyber Policy - website liability insurance, is required for Safe Certified.

linked to your Safe Verify page

Safe Verified accounts, include free SSL browser SAFE WEBSITE -

PAD LOCK - on your domain website. After approvalSelect 1 - 6 certificates.

To qualify as Safe Certified: 

Safe Verified, accounts with verified min. ,000,000.00 Business and  Cyber Policy Insurance, and SSL installed,  Select 1 - 6 after approval.

linked to your Safe Verify page

SSL with pad lock certificate, installed

to your website. Also available a free .com .net .org or other basic extension transfer includes free website builder.

Safe Verified - Safe Certified,

Bona fide Lawyers  Attorneys, Law Firms, and Doctors, new websites coming  2022 - 2023.: Minimum ,000,000.00

malpractice & Cyber Policy.

To Qualify Select 1 - 6 below

after approval.

For the low research price of (1)

Choose from our other 19 brands, Hyperlinked Apps, that you may qualify.

Learn more at: About Safe Certificates, read Licensing, Agree to terms, see: Products website hyperlink apps,, checkout at: Pricing.

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